Donation of Liquid Soap to Prevent COVID 19


In the COVID-19 Panic, Children and women are the more vulnerable groups in fragile contexts who will be greatly affected by the ongoing outbreak. It has been weeks now since schools closed in Uganda – this including the closure of child-friendly spaces and Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDs). The closure of schools was shortly followed by the closure of Uganda’s borders and the restriction of movement of people, which resulted in reduced intervention and imports.

 Parents now have a harder time providing basic essentials like soap, food and water to their children. Households and health centres still lack basic supplies, facilities, and information to fight against the spread of COVID-19 (e.g. soap, hand-washing facilities, protective equipment and information/awareness).

We’re all being told to wash our washing hands with soap to help reduce the risk of infection from the coronavirus. But how does it work and what makes it so effective?

Humans have concocted cleaning products, yet the simple combination of soap and water remains one of the strongest weapons against infectious diseases, including the novel coronavirus. Even so, when outbreaks like COVID-19 occur and panic sets in, people rush to buy from stores, shops when prices have been raised above standards making it very hard or even impossible for mothers and children access them.

SMILE MISSION UGANDA has partnered with JAN LIQUID SOAP makers to teach and donate liquid soap especially to women to wash their hands and keep safe and sale off the surplus to earn a living

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