Artique Program

Becoming Professional is becoming an Artique. meaning you become Accurate, Reliable, Time-bound with a sharp Intellect in producing Quality. You also become Unique in your style and  Empathetic

About the Program

Artique Program is Accelerated Design Learning tailored to empower youths with professional skills in digital art. The program has powerful modules that enables youths to became professional problem solvers in the Digital world.


To continually train professional designers who can work physically and remotely with companies that venture in building tech solutions.


Our study Curriculum

In 3 months period, you will learn both the technical and non-technical skills required to meet all the design requirements for the tech company that competes globally. 

The modules are designed together with Design Agencies and tech organizations to follow industry standards and best practice methods.

Module 1: Introduction to Graphics Design and Leadership (Month One)

Module 1 offers an overview of what graphic design is and the immense professional opportunities it provides. You’re also given leadership skills in this module to inspire and motivate you in the journey to become professionals

Module 2: Design Basics (Month two)

In this module, you will begin putting design elements and principles into practice. You will also begin to make decisions using the visual language of a designer. By doing simple studies, this module will enable you interface with design software.

Module 3: Layouts and Design Systems (Month Three)

An instrumental module in the course. You will deepen your knowledge of working with the design brief and idea generation to design complex corporate identity system, package design project and design campaign. You will be introduced to various graphic design job resources and also learn how to design a personal design portfolio.

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